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June 28 2015

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A simple guide to picking a great color palette. No matter what the colors are, using colors that are certain distances from each other on the color wheel result in a great contrast of colors. The simple color schemes shown above are used in the most popular logos, posters, websites, paintings, and even movies and television.

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June 24 2015

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June 17 2015

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June 16 2015

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When my code works and no one understands why

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In Finland we have these one-person benches in the park because we don’t like sitting too close to other people.

this is the most fucking suomi thing i’ve ever goddamn seen

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Jebane Quetzalcoatle
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http://41.media.tumblr.com/fe2b5085ba07a5f3138df6b3522dc1b9/tumblr_nntbn1Uz3j1qbo1fro2_1280.jpghttp://41.media.tumblr.com/4fa4cddcf2aea74797ccd2709a2d6146/tumblr_nntbn1Uz3j1qbo1fro3_1280.jpghttp://40.media.tumblr.com/bb888f126bccb52d74b053ce5fd9f8d7/tumblr_nntbn1Uz3j1qbo1fro4_1280.jpghttp://41.media.tumblr.com/63e960c40403e6d6edc1027f340eb673/tumblr_nntbn1Uz3j1qbo1fro6_1280.jpghttp://41.media.tumblr.com/d20b1fcdb06cf3fb5515567402ee5026/tumblr_nntbn1Uz3j1qbo1fro5_1280.jpgHayao Miyazaki, Bill Mudron

When my code works and no one understands why

/* by l3x0rcist3 */

June 08 2015

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I can see clearly now…

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June 06 2015

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May 22 2015

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Sun of a b*tch
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Siedlce. I want to believe.
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